About me

I am 51, married and live with my wife, four children, two tomcats and a dog
near Frankfurt am Main in Germany.

Coaching, leadership and communication are my passions: As a trained journalist and social economist, I first started in the online editorial department of a large TV station, then was managing partner of a multimedia agency, and since the early 2000s have been designing communications for various companies with a focus on transformation, leadership and sustainability.

In parallel, I studied business administration at AKAD in Stuttgart, am a systemic coach and change manager (University of Cologne) and a Naturopath for psychotherapy.
Furthermore I completed training as a psychological astrologer with
the German Astrologers Association (DAV).

In 2012 I had a slipped disc and didn't know why. I was not overweight, had run a marathon 3 years before, drank alcohol occasionally and smoked moderately. In therapy, I came into contact with a Buddhist monk who acupunctured me and, in the process, revealed to me completely new truths about myself and being human. He sent me on my way to personal mastery. And I have been walking this path ever since. For me. And for you.

I deeply believe in a primal power in every human being, which enables him to achieve higher things and is the motor of his self-healing powers. It is in each of us. But it has to be activated, because otherwise we experience our unused potential as an inhibition or even a blockade. It needs support, space to unfold and a bit of accompaniment to develop and flow fully. For this purpose I have collected and learned many ideas, concepts, methods and tools in my professional life but also on my spiritual journey.